All home fixtures will experience a bit of wear and tear over the years, including windows. While your home’s windows will not need to be replaced very often and will likely be able to withstand a fair amount of foul weather, they will still become a bit distressed over time. Most common window problems can be resolved with a bit of elbow grease and need not be cause for great concern. If left unattended, however, these minor issues begin to spell major trouble for your windows. This guide explores some of the most common window problems and how you can avoid them through routine maintenance.


Old windows are likely to experience more drafts than newer windows. As the house settles and windows begin to sag slightly, minor cracks begin to appear. These cracks then become the perfect gateway for drafts. Drafts can also be a major pain point because they increase your home’s heating and cooling costs. Drafts are often indicative of much larger structural issues within a window. In many cases, it’s more practical and cost effective to replace a drafty window, rather than find and seal every minuscule crack possible. To install replacement windows in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, contact our team at the Window Source of the Rockies.


Condensation is one of the most common and frustrating problems for windows. Condensation is most commonly formed when it’s warmer and more humid in your house than it is outside. As such, condensation is often more common during winter when houses have their heat on full blast. Using a dehumidifier can help reduce your home’s humidity level and thereby decrease the likelihood of condensation. Opening the windows and airing out your home briefly can also help balance humidity levels between the indoors and outdoors.

Trouble opening and closing

Windows that operate on a sliding track may have trouble opening and closing from time to time. The window may stick in the track or may require a significant amount of force to open and close properly. This is generally an indication that some dirt or debris is mucking up the track. In most cases, cleaning and lubricating the track should solve the problem in no time. If you still experience a bit of resistance, try tightening the fasteners or repositioning the window within the track. If the window is not straight, it will have a much harder time moving along the track.

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