Every feature in your home, from the sinks to the silverware, plays a part in the overall design and style of the house. As such, every design element deserves the same level of care and consideration. Whether you’re in the process of building your dream home or simply looking to give your house a fresh new look, it’s important to carefully consider each design element. Each one will impact the overall style of the home. Below are a few of the most popular materials used in patio doors to ease the decision-making process. We want to help you create a home that fits perfectly with your desired style.


Wood is not only one of the most popular materials used in patio doors, but it also appears on other home features, including windows, floors, and furniture. Wood is such a popular building material because it allows homeowners to infuse their home with a touch of natural beauty and a spark of traditional style. For years, people have used wood as a design element, and it comes in a variety of options and colors. While wood doors are very popular, they may require more routine upkeep than doors built with other materials might. As wood is a naturally occurring material, it is more susceptible to the effects of humidity and sun damage. As such, it may show damage from scuffs and scratches more easily.


Vinyl is one of the least expensive building materials for doors, making it a very popular option for new homeowners. Additionally, vinyl is a very lightweight material that is rather durable and long-lasting. It does not show damage as easily as wood might and will not flake or rot with age. However, vinyl can become damaged when exposed to extreme temperate changes. As such, it suits homes that experience more mild temperatures. Vinyl is also a quite versatile material that can replicate the style of other building materials, including wood and aluminum.


Like vinyl, aluminum also finds an excellent balance between durability and lightness. Unlike some other metal doors, aluminum doors are quite lightweight, yet extremely sturdy. Because they are so lightweight, aluminum doors are typically more cost-effective than metal doors of other building materials. Additionally, it is less likely to experience corrosion or rust than other metal materials may be. As such, aluminum doors require very minimal upkeep and can maintain their beauty and integrity for many years.

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