There are many benefits to energy-efficient windows, but most obvious is the money a homeowner saves on their energy bill. These windows save money simply because the house wastes less energy through air leaks and low insulation. By replacing bad windows or adding the right installments, a homeowner can see massive savings on their energy bill. Learn what to do to gain these savings with these steps to make your windows energy-efficient.

Replace With Energy-Efficient Windows

First, check to see that your windows are in decent condition. If noticeable cracks or holes have started to form, it’s best to just replace the entire window. Choose energy-efficient replacement windows in Colorado Springs that have good energy ratings. It’s also good to choose windows made from energy-efficient materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and composite wood. Avoid metal and aluminum windows, as they are less efficient. Look for windows with glass that has special coatings or insulation.

Install Storm Panels

Storm panels are great for conserving energy and are fairly easy to install. They are usually made from plastic or polyethylene. Many even have special low-emissivity coatings that give them even more insulation.

Caulk and Seal Cracks

Identifying areas that you need to caulk is another important step to make your windows energy-efficient. Evaluate the condition of the window frames and spaces around its openings. Are there small cracks? Can you hear any airflow? Fill in any cracks with caulk and caulk around the edge of the frame if you see spaces that could become cracks. If you hear air when the window is closed, you can stick a strip of weather seal to block it.

Add Blinds and Drapery

Blinds and drapes don’t just look attractive in the home—they also make it more energy-efficient. By adding window treatments, you are keeping the sun out of the home, which helps an air-conditioned home stay cool. In the cold months, the added insulation keeps glass from getting too cold and chilling the warm air inside. Consider adding blinds, drapes, or shutters. Shutters on the outside of your windows will have the same benefits as interior blinds and drapes.

Use Window Films

Many people know that installing shrink film on windows is useful for very cold months. It is a good way to temporarily make windows more energy-efficient, so long as you don’t need to open the window. There are also special window films that you can stick onto the glass to add extra protection. They vary in appearance from clear to frosted glass, decorative flowers, and faux stain glass.

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