Winter weather can be a drag, and it’s made even worse when it somehow finds a way into your home. Ensuring that your home’s windows and doors are properly insulated is the best way to prevent an attack from wind and weather. Insulating your patio door may seem like a rather intensive process, but it’s quite simple and straightforward. Below are the necessary steps to insulating a patio door.

Install weather stripping

Begin by installing some form of weather stripping along the base of the door. Weather stripping comes in a variety of forms, depending on the style of your patio door. Sliding patio doors require a special type of weather stripping known as a fin seal. This type of weather stripping has a flexible fin in the center and is surrounded by a thick brush material. Swinging patio doors require a different type of weather stripping. Door sweeps can be easily installed to the bottom of the door and effectively prevent drafts from entering under the door. Weather stripping is also available in adhesive tape for even easier installation.

Insulate the windows

Most patio doors feature some type of windows. Insulating these windows is one of the best ways to ensure the overall integrity of the door itself. There are a few ways you can go about insulating the windows. One option is to install window film. Window film is an inexpensive and temporary form of insulation that can help protect windows during the coldest months of the year. To apply window film, simply cut the film to size and place it on the windows. Some types of window film require heat to create a sturdy seal. A simple hairdryer does the trick just fine and helps adhere the seal to the window. You can also utilize window treatments to help insulate your patio door. Thermal curtains can block drafts and prevent heat loss through the door.

Caulk the exterior

The final step to insulating a patio door is to thoroughly caulk the door’s exterior. Air can enter your home through extremely small cracks, sometimes so small that they’re barely visible to the naked eye. The best way to cover all your bases, therefore, is with caulk. Remove any old or cracked caulk from around the door frame using a small tool to pull the caulk loose. Choose a high-quality caulk and then get to work caulking around the entire door frame. Most caulk takes roughly 24 hours to dry, so try to choose a day that’s sunny and dry, as rain could affect the caulk’s integrity and cause it to weaken more quickly.

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