There are many factors you’ll need to consider when you design your dream home. Among these is the style of your patio door. When deciding between sliding patio doors and French patio doors, this helpful guide will help you understand the advantages of each door style. 

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are popular in many family homes, perhaps due to their ease of operation. Sliding patio doors, sometimes also referred to as gliding doors, operate on a track system. The door glides swiftly along the track, which makes it easier to open and close the door. This type of patio door is especially beneficial for families with young children. Since the door glides on a track rather than swinging on a hinge, there is less risk of a child sticking their fingers in the jamb and injuring themselves. Additionally, most sliding patio doors now include features that inhibit the door from dislodging from the track, which increases the overall security offered by this door style.

Sliding doors are also popular because they require little to no floor space, even when fully open. This patio door style slides parallel along a wall and does not require any interior or exterior space to open, unlike most hinged doors. Many sliding patio doors also come equipped with a sliding screen door. This feature helps the door adapt to changing seasons with ease. With the sliding door fully open and the screen door closed, homeowners can enjoy a lovely breeze and a bit of fresh air without any worries of bugs entering their home.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors introduce the aesthetic of Paris into your home, and without the Parisian price tag. Unlike sliding patio doors, French doors operate on a hinge and can swing inward or outward depending on preference and the home’s floor plan. Most French doors consist of two swinging doors that meet and latch in the middle. This design enables the user to open one door or both doors at once. While sliding doors often create a small lip at the base of the door where the track resides, French patio doors do not. With the doors open, the user can pass from inside to outside without the need to navigate this small bump. This easy accessibility, coupled with the significant amount of clearance these doors provide, make French patio doors a great option for older individuals or those who use wheelchairs. 

The decision between sliding patio doors vs French patio doors will ultimately come down to your individual preference and the style of your home. If you plan to renovate your home with a beautiful, new patio door in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area, contact us. Our team of skilled professionals can help you make the right decision for your home.

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