You may not be able to immediately tell if you have a window incorrectly installed. At first glance, everything might appear fine, but if you start hearing sounds from it, feeling cold constantly, and have trouble shutting it, there’s a good chance the installation wasn’t done right. The most important thing is to locate the problem and solve it before it gets out of hand. Learn the main signs your windows weren’t installed properly by reading below.

There’s Noise and Squeaks

This is one of the first signs that something wasn’t done right when your windows were installed. There can be many noises that come from a poorly installed window. Some sounds include crackling, scraping, creaking, and squeaking. The best way to figure out what’s wrong is to locate where the sound is coming from. If you hear these sounds without touching anything, it’s likely that the glass has not been installed correctly.

Gaps Appear

Finding a gap is one of the definite signs your windows weren’t installed properly. This generally happens because the technician failed to get the accurate measurements. This can also happen due to the glass being too small for the frame. This should be corrected as soon as possible as it’s incredibly dangerous. The glass could fall from someone touching and trying to open the window, or on its own.

Constant Drafts

If a room with a window is always cold, then it’s entirely possible your window was not installed correctly. This can often feel like a breeze within the room, although it can also just feel perpetually cold. This can lead to a waste of energy, as you might find yourself turning up the heat further and further. If there’s a leak in your window, get this fixed quickly so you don’t have to waste more money on an inflated energy bill.

The Window Won’t Shut Right

A window that doesn’t shut properly is a clear sign that you need to check how it was installed. It could be that the window doesn’t stay closed and just swings back open. Other designs like sliding windows should involve little resistance when you’re trying to close them. If they’re barely moving or they’re making lots of noise, you should get them checked.

Fogging Windows

This issue is not always the most apparent, but if your windows are constantly foggy, they probably have a sealing problem. Within most double-pane windows, there’s a gas between the panes to help insulate the window. If the seal breaks, moisture will start to seep in. You might notice the windows fogging especially when it rains. Your windows could, however, fog up if there’s enough moisture in the air.

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