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Replacement Vinyl Window Styles

One of the best parts of offering replacement vinyl window styles in Colorado Springs homes is helping the owners choose the best style of window for their needs and budget.   Scroll down to read about the variety of styles of vinyl replacement window we offer in Colorado Springs.

Sliding Windows


What are sliding windows?

Sliding windows are vinyl construction windows with sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass) that slide independently left to right. Also called “slider windows” and “gliding windows,” the slider window style provides a contemporary look and many flexible options for combining with other window styles like picture windows.

Why choose sliding windows?

Sliding windows are popular for areas of your home with more horizontal than vertical space.  Sliding windows are often added to the  sides of picture windows to create a wide window that offers a huge view and great ventilation.   Sliders are very economically priced and are one of the most common vinyl replacement windows in Colorado Springs. Additionally, a quality sliding window will allow you to vent from either side, making cleaning from the inside a breeze!
Sitting room with a large style window

Double Hung Windows


What are double-hung windows?

Double hung windows have two sashes that slide vertically either down from the top or up from the bottom. The sashes conveniently tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home. To assist with the sliding action the sashes are counterweighted, so they easily slide up and down and remain open in any position.


Why choose double hung windows?

Double hung windows are the classic American style window and can be found in many of the century-old homes in the Old North End and Old Colorado City.  Double hung windows are very popular and look great in most Pikes Peak area homes. They are the easiest window to clean from inside the house, so they are often used on the upper levels of homes. They provide excellent ventilation since both the top and bottom sash can be opened. One last benefit is they can easily accept air conditioners and fans.

Wooden double hung ajar style windows

Picture Windows


What are picture windows?

Picture windows do not open or close. Picture windows are used to provide an unobstructed view to the outside of your home. Because of their simple design, picture windows can be made larger and in a wider variety of dimensions than most other types of windows. Picture windows are popular for large living areas and sunrooms where a large window complements the view you have outside of your home.  Picture windows are often paired with other window styles that do allow ventilation such as sliders, double hung and casement windows.


Why choose picture windows?

Picture windows are great for maximizing our Colorado views and increasing curb appeal. Additionally, picture windows don’t open. That means they have the best ratings for air infiltration of any window available.

Picture style window in colorado springs

Casement Windows


What are casement windows?

Casement windows have a single sash that opens by pivoting outward on a vertical axis by turning a crank. The sash is mounted to heavy duty hinges that can open the sash to a full 90 degrees allowing for easy cleaning from inside the home. A locking system closes the unit tightly from a single lever. They can be installed stand-alone or paired with picture windows or bay/bow windows.  Casements may be joined together into double, triple or quadruple units. 


Why choose casement windows?

Casement windows are the most energy efficient windows of all operable window designs.  Casement windows are easy to open and close and offer excellent ventilation since the full window opens out to a 90-degree angle.  Casement windows offer unobstructed views but because they crank outward, they can’t be too large or too heavy.  Casement windows provide better security than other window styles because they are difficult to break into.


Women and daughter playing next to a window

Hopper Windows


What are hopper windows?

Hoppers windows are used for light and ventilation in compact spaces.  Hopper windows open downward and inward.  To open the window, you pull the top of the window in toward you.  Hopper windows have a slight upward tilt when open. They are popular for basement windows because outside debris won’t freely flow into your home if the window is level with the ground. They can be paired with picture windows to provide ventilation and extra light. Our hopper windows are on a heavy-duty hinge and you open and close the window by hand.


Why choose hopper windows?

Hopper windows have been around since the 1800s—you’ll often find them in the older Victorian homes in Colorado Springs where they brighten and freshen up otherwise dark and musty rooms.  We often install hopper windows in basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where fresh air circulation is needed to prevent mold growth.  They also reduce humidity in bathrooms where opening a hopper window before taking a shower will let most of the water vapor outside to keep the bathroom from fogging up. Hopper windows are very energy efficient and provide excellent security. Hopper windows are an excellent choice for replacement vinyl window style for your Colorado Springs home.


Wooden basement style hopper window

Garden Windows


What are garden windows?

Garden windows extend out from the house and have glass on all sides except the bottom, allowing extra light and air into the room.  The pane on the top is slanted for drainage and increased light. They can have one, multiple or no shelves depending on the size.  Our garden windows have unique trapezoid sides that open with cranks, similar to casement windows. Garden windows are easy-to-install and fit into existing window spaces. Keep in mind a garden window extends beyond the house, so you need to make sure it won’t interfere with patios, sidewalks, etc.


Why choose garden windows?

Garden windows are beautiful additions to a home that add value and curb appeal to your property.  Colorado Springs homeowners love garden windows because they are like tiny greenhouses that can be used to grow herbs, flowers, seedlings, and even vegetables.  Others love garden windows for the added light, ventilation and attractive, unique look that they provide to a room.    

Kitchen garden style window

All Windows Include a Lifetime Transferable Warranty

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Better Windows

Three models of windows to suit your needs.

The 3000 Series

3000 Style Window

Most Affordable Window

The Model 3000 window series gives you an economical solution for a. high-quality vinyl window.

Great Quality, Great Value

All our windows are custom made to fit your window openings perfectly.

Features Include:

  • Double Insulated glass
  • Single Strength Float Glass
  • Available in white vinyl

The 6000 Series

6000 Style Window

Most Popular Window

The Model 6000 series is our most popular product series and provides customers with an affordable and durable window for their home.

Extra Strong for Colorado Winds

The Model 6000 series is well suited for homeowners who want a strong, great looking window that will hold up to Colorado Springs winds, winters and hail.

Features Include:

  • Double Strength Glass
  • Heavy-duty multi-chambered 3 ¼” frames
  • Fusion-welded sashes and mainframes
  • Internally glazed window panes
  • Lifetime glass breakage protection available
  • Available in white or beige vinyl

The 9000 Series

9000 Style Window

Elite Window Option

The Model 9000 series window series is our most luxurious product line and is perfect for customers interested in high-performance windows for their home.

Energy Efficient

Our most energy efficient windows, this series includes foam filled frames, a triple pane glass option and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Features Include:

  • Triple-pane glass option
  • Foam- filled frames for enhanced insulation
  • Low-profile locks
  • Sleek appearance
  • Fully transferable lifetime warranty

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Women cleaning tilt-in window

Standard on All Window Models

  • Multi-chambered premium virgin vinyl frame construction
  • Clear double insulated glass
  • Fusion-welded sashes and master frames
  • Warm edge glass spacer technology
  • True sloped sill drains to exterior
  • Extruded aluminum half screens
  • Interlock at sash meeting rails
  • Double cam-action locks.

Many Color Combinations to Compliment Your Home

Chart showing different wood finishes available

Peace of Mind Assurances

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Lifetime Warranty

All Window Source home windows and doors come with a limited lifetime warranty. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will only make this investment in your home once. Ask your window consultant for details.

Independently Certified NFRC Labels

All Window Source products come with voluntary National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels so that you can compare with confidence. You can rely on the labels and forget about all the sales gimmicks that you may hear from companies charging much higher prices. In fact the US EPA relies on NFRC data to set its ENERGY STAR guidelines.
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Best Price Guarantee

We are confident that you will not find a better price for replacement windows and home window installation anywhere else in Colorado Springs. If you can we will refund the difference. Ask your consultant for our written best price guarantee.
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ENERGY STAR® Rated Products

Be assured that you will gain valuable energy savings when you choose our High Performance Glass option. All of our home windows and doors ordered with High Performance Glass will meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all US climate zones.

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