When you’re considering how to match your drapes to your windows, several factors require your consideration. Between the room’s décor and the windows’ views, choosing drapes can feel like finding a missing puzzle piece. You’ll find some advice to get you to your goal in this article.

Consider Their Purpose

Not all drapes accomplish the same task. Some people dress their windows in drapes to mask the sunlight, while others use them for strictly decorative or aesthetic purposes. If you want to purchase drapes, you should look at your windows and ask yourself, “What do I hope these drapes will do for my windows and room?” This will help lead your decision-making.

Match the Size

Before you buy drapes, make sure you measure the length and width of your windows. You’ll also want to decide if the drapes should go to the base of the window or stretch to the floor. Too often, people who don’t know how to match their drapes to their windows get excited about an item at the store and bring it home, only find that it’s just a few inches too short. With the proper measurements, you can make more confident decisions.

Consider the Wall and Décor Colors

Of course, choosing drapes involves more factors than just the windows themselves. Your windows are a slice of the pizza, but the room they sit in is the whole pie. Look around at the room’s décor and pay close attention to the color of the walls. Do you want the color of the drapes to match what you see, or do you want them to contrast with it? Of course, this all comes down to personal preference.

Think About the View

Lastly, consider the view outside your windows. Casement windows in Colorado Springs no doubt look out over beautiful scenery. Your drapes will become the frames from which you examine ponds, trees, or mountains. Ask yourself how you would like to present that frame.

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