Spring cleaning may have come and gone, but there’s no reason you can’t tidy up your home all year long. In fact, certain chores are better suited to different seasons. For instance, summer is the perfect time to clean your home’s windows. Depending on the size of your home and the number of windows you have, this can be a rather tedious and time-consuming task. However, if you devote the necessary time and effort to do it right the first time you’ll have a much easier time during your next attempt. This guide explores how to effectively clean your home windows through several helpful tips and tricks.

Work from the inside out

The best way to effectively clean your home windows is to work from the inside out. For a crystal-clear shine, you will need to clean all sides of the window, including the inside, outside, and the screen in between. Start indoors by removing all blinds and curtains. This can be a great opportunity to clean your interior window treatments as well. Most cloth curtains can be cleaned in a washing machine, while blinds can be dusted, cleaned with a hose and scrub brush, or cleaned with a sanitary wipe, depending on the amount of dirt and dust that has accrued. The interior and exterior glass can be cleaned with soap and warm water or a dedicated window cleaning product. If your windows have a protective screen on the outside, these should be removed and cleaned as well.

Pick the right products

Choosing the right products is the best way to ensure your windows are cleaned effectively. When cleaning interior glass, use a dedicated glass cleaner and a paper towel or microfiber cloth. A disinfectant spray can also be used to clean the interior windowsill and windowpane. Spritz the cleaning product generously, as your windows may be a bit dirtier than they first appear. Window glass cleaner can also be used on the exterior of the window, but a bucket of soap and water may be more effective. The exterior of your window will likely be dirtier than the inside, and using soap and water will often be a far more efficient option.

Wipe wisely

One of the trickiest things to avoid when washing your windows is streaking. In order to avoid streaks, be methodical when wiping and drying the window. Use a microfiber cloth if possible to avoid leaving residual dust on the window. It’s also beneficial to wipe in a horizontal direction on the interior of the window and a vertical direction on the exterior. This way, if you do notice streaks after the window has dried, you will be able to easily identify if they are on the inside or the outside.

On some occasions, even the most diligent window washing may not be enough, and it may be better to simply start fresh. For replacement vinyl windows in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, contact our team at the Window Source of the Rockies today.

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