Hopper-Style Windows for Sale

What are hopper windows? 

Hoppers windows are used for light and ventilation in compact spaces. Hopper-style windows open downward and inward. To open the window, you pull the top of the window in toward you.  Hopper windows have a slight upward tilt when open. Colorado homeowners commonly install basement hopper windows because outside debris won’t freely flow into your home if the window is level with the ground. They can be paired with picture windows to provide ventilation and extra light. The hopper windows for sale through The Window Source feature heavy-duty hinges, and you can open and close the windows by hand.

Why choose hopper windows?

These windows have been around since the 1800s—you’ll often find hopper-style windows in Colorado Springs, especially in older Victorian homes where they brighten and freshen up otherwise dark and musty rooms.  We often install basement hopper windows, but they’re also popular in bathrooms and laundry rooms where fresh air circulation prevents mold growth. The hopper windows for sale on our site also reduce humidity in bathrooms. When you open a hopper window before taking a shower, it will let most of the water vapor outside to keep the bathroom from fogging up. Hopper-style windows are very energy efficient and provide excellent security. 

Our selection offers excellent choices for hopper window replacement for your Colorado Springs home. Contact The Window Source of the Rockies today for affordable hopper-style windows. 

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Many​ Window Source home windows and doors come with a limited lifetime warranty. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will only make this investment in your home once. Ask your window consultant for details. 


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All Window Source windows and patio doors come with voluntary National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels so that you can compare them with confidence. You can rely on the labels and forget about all the sales gimmicks that you may hear from companies charging much higher prices. In fact the US Department of Energy relies on NFRC data to set its ENERGY STAR guidelines. 

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While comparing like products, we are confident that you will not find a better price for replacement windows and home window installation anywhere else in Colorado Springs. Ask your consultant for our written best price guarantee. 

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Be assured that you will gain valuable energy savings when you choose our High-Performance Package option. All of our energy-efficient replacement home windows and doors will meet and exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all US climate zones. 

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