Frequently Asked Questions

What Colorado counties do you serve?
El Paso, Douglas, Teller, Pueblo, Fremont
How long does it take from purchase to completion of installation?

From the day you sign a contract with us to the installation of your windows is 2-3 weeks. Weather can influence installation if a major snow storm is happening. In 95% of all orders, you can have your windows fully installed in less than 3 weeks. Architectural windows take longer.

Do you install year round?

Yes. Weather can impact installation. If a huge Colorado Springs snow storm rolls in we will need to wait until the snow at least slows down before we can remove your existing windows.

How long has TWS been in business?

The owner John Swartz has been installing windows for 20 years.  The Window Source (TWS) has been a national franchise since 2009. The TWS Colorado Springs frachise opened in 2014.  The TWS window manufacturer has been in business for over 70 years. 

What is the benefit of upgrading to Energy Miser LowE/Argon glass?

You increase the thermal performance over clear glass by almost 100%, saving you money on heating and cooling. Also, ​the LowE coating blocks most of the harmful UV radiation to reduce fading of window furnishing and upholstery.

Is there a cost to remove my old windows?

The removal of old windows is free. We take them to the recycle center. You’re free to keep the windows if you want.

Can I buy just one or two windows?


Will there be any damage to my house?
Very seldom is there damage to the home during installation of our replacement windows.  We will fix any damage caused by us.  Sometime preexisting damage to your house is exposed when we install and it is the homeowner’s responsibility. Cracks in stucco and water damaged drywall are examples of this. 
Can you replace existing windows with bigger or smaller windows?
This is possible but going bigger requires reframing and can require pulling permits.  We recommend you find a contractor to do the reframing and we will do the window installation.
How do hardware store windows compare to The Window Source?
The hardware stores sell what is know as “builder grade” windows and doors. We sell custom grade products. Builder grade products are produced for the masses. Therefor, they are made of low quality materials and meet bare minimum requirements. We offer a full lifetime, transferable, warranty, vs the hardware stores 3 to 5 year limited warranty. While the box stores do offer installation services, they are subcontracted to unreliable sources and often charge a higher instal price. Our installers are master level installers and have over 20 years experience. Receiving a proper instal is crucial for the performance of the product and to maintain the integrity of your home.

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