As winter weather fades into distant memory, it’s time to start making way for spring. Engaging in a bit of light spring cleaning is a great way to prepare for the season, but consider taking things one step further this year. This season, reinvent your patio space and create the perfect area for soaking up the springtime sun. These three design tips for an outdoor patio will help you create the perfect outdoor oasis just in time for spring.

Consider climate

Springtime weather can vary greatly depending on where you live. As such, it’s important that you design your patio space with your local climate in mind. If spring is a bit milder in your neck of the woods, consider outfitting your patio space with a firepit or heated lamps. You can also furnish the space with plush seating options, which will invite guests to snuggle into the warmth and create a cozier atmosphere overall. However, if your climate tends to be a bit on the warmer side come spring, be sure to design your patio with ample shade. Plant a row of large trees to create a natural shady sanctuary, or opt for an awning or a patio table with a built-in umbrella instead. You can also build a trellis over the entire patio space and decorate it with hanging vines for a more natural look.

Embrace nature

One of the best benefits of an outdoor patio space is the ability it provides for you to commune with nature from the comfort of your own home. Incorporating greenery into your patio space is incredibly easy and often requires very little decorating on your part. Allow Mother Nature to take the reigns, and embrace a bit of overgrowth in your patio space—it will help the area feel more lush and lively. You can also take a more carefully curated approach and cultivate a well-maintained garden surrounding your patio instead.

Consider functionality

Your patio space should be not only well-decorated, but also functional. As such, one of the best design tips for an outdoor patio is to carefully consider how you’ll use the space and how frequently. If you enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, outfit your patio with adequate dining and seating options for all your guests. Consider creating separate spaces for dining and conversation to create a better flow throughout the space. If you intend to use the patio on a regular basis, it will also be in your best interests to install a new patio door. This will not only allow faster and easier movement from indoors to outdoors when you’re entertaining, but also keep bugs and rain at bay during the spring. For custom sliding glass doors in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, contact our team at the Window Source of the Rockies.

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