Every element of your home, down to the smallest nuts and bolts, plays a large role in the overall look and feel of the house. Your home’s windows can also have a significant impact on the style of your home, both on the exterior and the interior. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or simply in the mood for a home makeover, choosing the right windows for the job isn’t always an easy task. This guide to some of the most important considerations when choosing new windows will help you select a style that best fits with your home’s personality and your individual design preferences.


Functionality is equally as important as style when choosing the best replacement windows for your home. Windows serve to allow fresh air and natural light into the home, an important role that can greatly alter the look and feel of the space. As each room in your house serves a different purpose, it’s important to choose a window style that will complement the activities of the room. Consider the frequency with which the window will be opened and closed as well. Certain windows, such as double-hung windows and sliding windows, operate on a sliding track, which makes them extremely easy to open. Other windows, such as casement windows and hopper windows, utilize a crank system.


For many homeowners, the most important consideration when choosing new windows is style. You want to choose a window style that’s not only appealing on its own, but that also meshes well with the home’s style and architecture as a whole. Certain window styles and shapes lend themselves better to particular architecture and interior decoration styles. Choosing large industrial style windows, for instance, would look rather out of place in a Tudor style cottage. The color and material for your windows is equally as important as the overall shape. If you prefer windows with a wood finish, try to match the color as closely to other wooden fixtures in your home, including floors, furniture, and cabinetry. This will help you achieve a more cohesive style throughout all elements of your home.


Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important factor for many homeowners. Choosing an energy efficient window style will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and can help you cut costs on your electrical bill each month. Choose windows with an Energy Star certification, as this guarantees that the windows adhere to international standards of energy-efficient consumer products. These windows typically have a lower U-Factor and SHGC transmissions than other window types. For energy efficient replacement windows in Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas, contact our team at the Window Source of the Rockies.

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